Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions (GTC)
These General Terms and Conditions from Marco Neumann (hereinafter referred to as WEB-PHP®) apply to the connected, in-house websites for all WEB-PHP
products: Web-PHP.de, as well as affiliated sister sites and resellers.

Third-party products or products sold under license are marked accordingly and are subject to the manufacturer's respective regulations. We send purchased
script licenses either by email or via a download link in the member area. When sending the license by email, we send the same version of a license a maximum
of 3 times per 90 days. Telephone support is not possible. By purchasing a script license, the buyer is automatically logged in to the forum. However, there
is no right of access to the forum and can be denied. In the event of a customer blocking, access to the customer area will also be blocked. Changes will then
be made by us after notification by email.
Support for products that do not correspond to the current state of development is not provided or is only provided at an additional cost. All PHP programs
are tested on Linux servers. We are not responsible for errors that occur due to missing server components or server settings (e.g. set chmod rights, PHP
email dispatch turned off, ban on file uploads or reading in external files allow url_fopen) and cannot provide any support. The WEB-PHP programs are not
tested or created for Windows Server. However, there are no known functional restrictions.

Regardless of your shopping website, all WEB-PHP script programs (with appropriate marking) are the intellectual property of D. Kahl, DE-Wendtorf.
The full versions can only be downloaded from web-php.de, w-p.systems and w-p-mobile.de.

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), which you can find at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.
We are neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

Terms and Conditions of the Script License
When you install the purchase script for the first time, you must agree to all license terms displayed on this page.

§1 This purchased WEB-PHP® product, hereinafter also referred to as *License*(s), is the intellectual property of Dietmar Kahl and Thomas Reuther (WEB-PHP®).
Removing, changing or obscuring the visible copyright notices (if any) in your software source code (PHP and HTML code) is not permitted. Selling or renting
this program is not permitted. The purchased license is lifetime and personal and cannot be transferred to other people. Support and downloading is possible
within the license period. Plugins, add-ons and modules are tied to at least one main license, which must be in the same customer account. Otherwise, a
plugin, add-on and/or module as well as license extension cannot be used. The WEB-PHP® license system manages all purchased licenses with a unique, non-
transferable license number in the protected customer area on web-php.de. The customer can download his licenses as often as he wants during the license term.
After the license period has expired, especially if the purchased articles are improved through WEB-PHP®, outdated and insecure scripts from the article
master "V2" (WEB-PHP CMS Portal V2) can no longer be installed. The WEB-PHP CMS Portal Mobile can also be reinstalled in older versions without re-downloading
the last version. The customer may incur follow-up costs for re-downloading the “V2” series. A license script secured by the customer is then worthless
without renewing the license term. WEB-PHP® and affiliated partner sites do not issue R4E licenses. If you have made payments elsewhere than through a WEB-
PHP® invoice, the purchase of this program is void. In the event of a legal dispute, the payer is always the owner of the programs. A further examination of
who ordered is of secondary importance.

§2 Redistribution, even free of charge, of this or a modified version of these licenses is prohibited. Furthermore, it is not permitted to use, publish or
pass on parts of the license or its source code for your own purposes without the consent of WEB-PHP®.

§3 The use of licenses is at your own risk. The license may not be changed, except for design changes! Changing the software and/or adapting it to your needs
is only possible after consulting WEB-PHP® in written form.

§4 WEB-PHP® is not obliged to check whether the publication of the license or its contents affects the rights of third parties or the laws of the Federal
Republic of Germany, another state or an international confederation of states; The user is solely responsible for this.
We expressly point out competition and press law regulations and those protecting trademarks, names, copyrights and industrial property rights and recommend
checking the content for compatibility before releasing it. A violation of these laws/rights occurs in particular if the license or its content contains
prohibited pornographic or politically extremist information or offers. Furthermore, hate-mongering, defamatory, insulting or factually incorrect publications
must be avoided. In the event of violations, WEB-PHP® is entitled to deactivate or remove the entire homepage. The user must indemnify WEB-PHP® from all
claims made due to a possible legal violation through the publication of content to WEB-PHP® and is obliged to pay all damages to WEB-PHP® resulting from such
claims substitute.

§5 WEB-PHP® assumes no liability for damage caused by licenses. Furthermore, absolutely correct functioning of the license cannot be guaranteed. The licenses
have been developed for servers set up according to German standards. A claim for support on foreign servers cannot be accepted. No guarantees are given for
the data stored by the licensee.

§6 This license may only be used on an installation for a domain if it is entered with the associated URL in the customer area on www.web-php.de. Additional
domains that point to this installation lead to error messages.
If multiple installations of your license are discovered, this will result in a license violation, which can result in the account being blocked and claims
for damages.

§7 WEB-PHP® has your express permission to display product improvements, adjustments and changes through notices in the CMS program or by email. This function
is a basic component of the CMS main products and can only be used by returning it within the statutory period. Exchange deadline can be avoided. The
installation of the displayed updates is mandatory within the scope of these license terms in order to maintain support.

§8 With the first use of a license, the user agrees to the license terms.

License term
The generally granted support period (license term) varies and depends on the respective article.
Support is only provided on servers operated in Germany.
The license term basically includes the following services:
1.) Correction of incorrect codes in the form of general updates, in rare cases also via forum thread or circular mailer
2.) Access to the forum
3.) Downloadability of the purchased items as a ZIP file
4.) Support via email

If no license period is specified for an item, support is either not possible or excluded. For special items, this will be indicated in the information text.
Expired license terms can be extended to at least 1 month by ordering a license term extension, or a WEB-PHP CMS Portal V2 or WEB-PHP CMS Portal Mobile with a
license term, and automatically apply to all of a customer's items.

Demo CMS usage
The demo CMS is permanently free and can be used for life.
This article is without support and update options. Only ZIP demos loaded on WEB-PHP are offered with the latest functionality and error corrections. WEB-PHP
is not liable for errors on servers or websites caused by demo ZIP files downloaded from locations other than those mentioned above. The user is obliged to
reload and reinstall the demo in the event of errors, or to carry out the relevant updates by purchasing a full license. Purchasing and installing templates
is possible, but does not oblige WEB-PHP® to provide the customer with further support for the demo.
WEB-PHP® has no obligation to offer the CMS demo for download.
Distributing and offering the demo for free is permitted and desirable. However, the ZIP files may need to be updated or removed by the download provider.

All WEB-PHP templates (if with appropriate labeling) are the intellectual property of the template designer, usually WEB-PHP®.

§1 Scope
The following general terms and conditions regulate the handling and legal basis of the other business area: templates, flash animations, order-related
individual graphics.
By purchasing one of the above products you agree to the terms and conditions.
If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you must be prohibited from using our templates and services.

§2 Retention of title
Upon conclusion of the valid purchase contract, the template(s) (hereinafter only listed in the singular) become the property of the buyer. The buyer is
entitled to use the template on a domain, even in parts or excerpts. The copyright of each individual graphic, as well as the overall concept, remains
unrestricted with the copyright holder.
The copyright holder is always named on the respective template in the form of a suitable file or in an indelible graphical integration

§3 Extradition provisions
The template will be provided as a download link after the contract has been concluded. In principle, the operator has no right to maintain the download
option. There is certainly a right to a one-time download option. The download option is usually limited to 4 weeks and can be extended to 1 year with a
support extension.

§4 Permission to use
The buyer of the template is allowed to use the template
- burn to media or save digitally as part of your own backup
- to use for a domain
- in the event that the first-use domain is deleted, to operate another new domain.
- to duplicate for an extended usage fee of 5 euros/domain
- to provide the header with suitable lettering for the company or company.
- Publicly display a visible copyright to the creator(s) of the template

§5 Refusal to use
The buyer of the template is not allowed to use the template
- resell, neither online nor in any other digital or printed form.
- continue to distribute it free of charge, not even to friends for testing purposes
- Individual graphics to be changed in accordance with §4
- To raise suspicion of rights to the graphics (templates) with your own copyright notice.
- to recolor individual graphics and/or the overall concept in colors other than the delivery colors

§6 Duty of care
The buyer is obliged to keep the access data given to him after successful conclusion of the purchase contract secret. The buyer is liable for all damages,
traffic volume and loss of prestige resulting from improper use of his download data.

§7 Right of withdrawal
A right of withdrawal after delivery of digital media is excluded. Before purchasing a template or graphic order and a Flash animation, the buyer must first
satisfy himself sufficiently about the quality of the selected goods using existing methods (demos, test templates, etc.).

§8 Third-party templates
WEB-PHP® is not liable for templates added to the shop by the customer that violate copyright rights. The customer must check all image and word rights in
advance before we include their product in our shop and is fully liable for this.

§9 Changes to the General Terms and Conditions
The operator/copyright holder is entitled to change or supplement these terms and conditions. If the customer does not object to the changed conditions within
four weeks of receipt of the change notification, the new general terms and conditions will also apply to existing contractual relationships in accordance
with the announcement. If the customer objects within the set deadline, the operator/copyright holder has the right to terminate the contract at the time at
which the changed conditions are to apply.

§10 Final provisions
Place of performance is Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all claims arising from and based on this contract,
including check and bill of exchange claims as well as all disputes arising between the parties regarding the conclusion, execution or termination of the
contract - if the customer is a registered merchant, a legal entity under public law or public -legal special fund. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany
applies exclusively to this contract.

§11 Severability clause
Should any provision of this agreement be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Rather, in place of the
ineffective provision, a replacement provision that corresponds to or at least comes close to the purpose of the agreement applies, which the parties would
have agreed to achieve the same economic result if they had known that the provision was ineffective. The same applies if the provisions are incomplete.